Our Services

Windsor Galleries​

​​"The Estate Sale Professionals"

  • Our Estate Sale Services include:

       *We clean and organize your household contents

      *We professionally price your items including anti theft tags

      *We use professional exterior signs

      *We advertise and promote your sale through newspaper, Internet and telephone

     *We are professionally dressed  (No T-shirts or jeans)

​      *We use professional and experienced staff

      *We use a Silent Bid System to maximize proceeds on higher priced items

      *We limit of the number of customers into your home

     *We use bags and clean wrapping paper (no newsprint)

     *We provide an in-house company delivery service which is available to buyers

     *We are present during pickup of your items

​     *We take every precaution and attention to the care of your home (i.e. no one touches walls, scratches floors, etc.)

      *We are bonded and insured 

  • Complete Buyout of the Contents of Your Home
  • Partial Buyouts of Some of the Contents of Your Home
  • Delivery Service to Relocate Items (In House--No Subcontractors)
  • Clean Out of Unwanted Items
  • Donations to Charity for Tax Deductions
  • Home Staging to Prepare for Sale of House
  • ​Hanging Artwork